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Year 1 Weekly Overview 4

Good Morning! Another week down is another week closer to normality 🙂 This is the plan for the week ahead. Don’t forget to leave a comment or send us some pictures of your work using the no reply email!

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Home Learning 08/05/20 – Science Task 5

23 Best Popular Science YouTube Channels - Machine Learning World ...

Good morning Year 1!

L.O. To understand that living things grow and change and to be able to sort these changes into groups.

Personal Goals

Adaptability – Communication – Cooperation – Enquiry – Respect Thoughtfulness

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For today’s Science task you are going to be looking at how humans grow and change over the course of their lives. There are two challenges for you to complete and an optional extension task.

Start by watching this video and talking to an adult about what changes you can see.

Challenge 1

  1. Your first task is to cut out a selection of pictures from magazines/newspapers (or print/draw them if you prefer) of: babies, toddlers, children, teenagers, twenty- and thirty-somethings, middle-aged and elderly people.
  2. Next, mix them all up and then sort them into groups based on how old they are.
  3. Talk to an adult about how people change at different ages – use what you did for the last task to help you if you are stuck!

Challenge 2

Now you are going to be making a ‘life cycle hat’!

Here is an example of how to make a ‘life cycle hat’. The example shows the life cycle of a seed but you are showing the life cycle of a human.

Making a free apple life cycle hat! - The Stem Laboratory
Cut a strip of paper or card, stick the youngest picture at one end (a baby) and work your way along to the oldest picture (an elderly person). Add some labels so you know (roughly!) how old the person in each picture is.
Apple Life Cycle Hat | Apple life cycle, Life cycles, Life cycle craft
Then, glue the two ends of the trip of paper/card together to create a hat!


You could find some photos of yourself from when you were a younger and up until now to create your own ‘growing up timeline’. Or, you could do one for someone else at home!

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Home Learning 06/05/20 – Grammar Task

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Good morning Year 1!

L.O. To practise using nouns and adjectives.

Here are your tasks for today:

  1. Watch the videos on nouns and adjectives.
  2. Complete the activities shown in the pictures below.
1st grade punctuation worksheets | Parenting

There are two written challenges for today’s task. Start with the first one and then continue onto the second if you would like a further challenge! There is also an optional extension task at the bottom.



Challenge 1

Circle the correct word for each of the sentences. Then write new words using the correct suffix (ending).

Challenge 2

Complete the story by adding some interesting adjectives. Then write your own sentences to finish the adventure.


Think of two adjectives to describe each of the pictures. Then write a phrase to describe the picture using both the adjectives.

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Home Learning 06/05/20 – PE Task

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Hello Year 1!

Today’s PE task involves getting your dancing shoes on!

As part of our ‘I’m Alive’ topic, we are learning a dance to ‘That Power’ by (See if you can spot where in the song you can hear the lyrics ‘I’m alive’…)

Group Of Dancing Cartoon Children Stock Illustration - Download ...

The video for the dance routine is below, why not get your family involved and you can all learn it together!

Have fun!

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