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Home Learning 06/05/20 – English task

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Good morning Year 1!

L.O. To write instructions on ‘how to grow a plant’.

Today you will be writing your own instructions on ‘how to grow a plant’. Start by watching the video to find out some more information on growing seeds. Then, look at the example instructions.

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Growing seeds –

How Do Seeds Sprout? | Wonderopolis

Below are example instructions on ‘how to grow a plant’.

Once you have looked at the example, have a go at writing your own instructions! You can draw some pictures to go with them.

Smiling Star Stock Illustrations – 9,013 Smiling Star Stock ...


  • Hi there, Stanley would like to send some of his work where do we add it please?

    Daniel Wedge

  • I am having fun doing this work Mrs Prichard!

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