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Noah’s Ark Stop Motion Animation

After learning about Noah’s Ark, we carried out a little ICT project.  The class split into groups and each group was given a scene from Noah’s ark.  They then had to cut out pictures for their scene.  Then they had the very difficult task of carefully moving each picture very slightly between each photo.  Finally all the photos were ready on the “Stop Motion App” to be put together in one film.

have a look…


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RE – Noah’s Ark

In RE we have been learning about the story of Noah’s Ark. This is an important story for Christians as it teaches them that God is the God of Second Chances. To help us remember the story, we made a stop-motion video! We had to create Noah, his family, the ark and all the many animals! We took lots of pictures of our characters to make it look like they were moving.

 It was tricky, but now we know the story really well!

Watch it below:

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