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BrainWave – Learning More about Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

This week we have been deepening our understanding of how to develop our learning even more!

Professor Sparks gave us a a mission to complete with some clues to work it out! He gave us a picture of equipment that we might use in PE. It was hard but we use our KNOWLEDGE to work out he wanted us to complete an obstacle course.

So that we were experts when we did the course, we had to practise our SKILLS in small groups. It was important that we did this so that we were really good at the mission!

Then we did the real thing! Once we had done that we discussed how we could change the obstacle course to make it harder or more exciting!

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Welcome to Your New Class – Year 1!

It is September so welcome back to school and your new class. We have already been at school a whole week and we have done so many fun things!!

Our new topic is Brainwave. We met a crazy scientist who showed us a brain. We disected it to find things inside it. The pictures we found helped us to learn about how to keep our brain healthy. For example, we found exercising, eating healthily, drinking water and problem solving helped our brain stay fit!



In the laboratory we had different activities to use our brain. There were riddles, puzzles, a sensory play lab and some funny pictures that we had to make into a story! Here are some pictures of our play lab!


Tune in soon for more brainwaves!

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