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The Great Fire of London

For the last two weeks, Year 1 have been learning about The Great Fire of London in English and in History!

In English, we imagined we were alive at the time the Great Fire of London happened ( the year 1666 to be precise). Just like Samuel Pepys, we wrote some brilliant diary entries! We used capital letters, full stops and even some conjunctions!



In History, we looked at what it was like to live in 1666. We created performances on how people used to travel, work and play! During our performances, we said what our character was doing and how we might feel!


As well as learning about the Great Fire of London in school, we also did some fantastic home learning using the internet and information books to help us!

We’ve enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London!

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The Magic Toymaker Puppet Show

Last half term, year 1 learnt about the Magic Toymaker. To show our parents how much we had learnt, we decided to create puppet shows!  First we made sock puppets and practised really hard, then we performed them for everyone to see!


We did one about the science of toys:

One about the history of toys:

One about international toys:


and one about designing toys:

We think the parents enjoyed watching them and we enjoyed making them!

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