Noah’s Ark Stop Motion Animation

After learning about Noah’s Ark, we carried out a little ICT project.  The class split into groups and each group was given a scene from Noah’s ark.  They then had to cut out pictures for their scene.  Then they had the very difficult task of carefully moving each picture very slightly between each photo.  Finally all the photos were ready on the “Stop Motion App” to be put together in one film.

have a look…


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RE – Noah’s Ark

In RE we have been learning about the story of Noah’s Ark. This is an important story for Christians as it teaches them that God is the God of Second Chances. To help us remember the story, we made a stop-motion video! We had to create Noah, his family, the ark and all the many animals! We took lots of pictures of our characters to make it look like they were moving.

 It was tricky, but now we know the story really well!

Watch it below:

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Year One’s trip to the Horniman Museum!

For our technology lessons in our topic ‘The Magic Toy Maker’, we will be creating sock puppets. So we decided that we needed to learn some more about other types of puppets and how to use them! So off we went to the Horniman Museum for a workshop on puppets from around the world! Here is what we found…

We also had a look around the museum for other puppets! Here we are exploring!

We had lots of fun at the Museum but we were very tired and excited to get back to school.

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BrainWave – Learning More about Knowledge, Skills and Understanding

This week we have been deepening our understanding of how to develop our learning even more!

Professor Sparks gave us a a mission to complete with some clues to work it out! He gave us a picture of equipment that we might use in PE. It was hard but we use our KNOWLEDGE to work out he wanted us to complete an obstacle course.

So that we were experts when we did the course, we had to practise our SKILLS in small groups. It was important that we did this so that we were really good at the mission!

Then we did the real thing! Once we had done that we discussed how we could change the obstacle course to make it harder or more exciting!

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Welcome to Your New Class – Year 1!

It is September so welcome back to school and your new class. We have already been at school a whole week and we have done so many fun things!!

Our new topic is Brainwave. We met a crazy scientist who showed us a brain. We disected it to find things inside it. The pictures we found helped us to learn about how to keep our brain healthy. For example, we found exercising, eating healthily, drinking water and problem solving helped our brain stay fit!



In the laboratory we had different activities to use our brain. There were riddles, puzzles, a sensory play lab and some funny pictures that we had to make into a story! Here are some pictures of our play lab!


Tune in soon for more brainwaves!

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Watch this video to see what we have been learning in RE and ICT.  We used the “stop motion app” to make animations to show the seeds growing.  Then we used Adobe Spark Video to explain what was happening and to explain the parable.



Final whole class video from stleonards on Vimeo.


Yesterday, we looked at the story of the Good Samaritan.  We read it from the bible and some of us acted it out.  Most importantly we discussed what it meant and how we could help other people.  Watch this video to see our lesson…


The Good Samaritan Film from stleonards on Vimeo.

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The Three Little Pigs Retelling!

This week, year one have been retelling the famous story of the ‘Three Little Pigs’. Can you guess what’s happening in each picture?


Well done year 1 for an amazing job!

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The Great Fire of London

For the last two weeks, Year 1 have been learning about The Great Fire of London in English and in History!

In English, we imagined we were alive at the time the Great Fire of London happened ( the year 1666 to be precise). Just like Samuel Pepys, we wrote some brilliant diary entries! We used capital letters, full stops and even some conjunctions!



In History, we looked at what it was like to live in 1666. We created performances on how people used to travel, work and play! During our performances, we said what our character was doing and how we might feel!


As well as learning about the Great Fire of London in school, we also did some fantastic home learning using the internet and information books to help us!

We’ve enjoyed learning all about The Great Fire of London!

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The Magic Toymaker Puppet Show

Last half term, year 1 learnt about the Magic Toymaker. To show our parents how much we had learnt, we decided to create puppet shows!  First we made sock puppets and practised really hard, then we performed them for everyone to see!


We did one about the science of toys:

One about the history of toys:

One about international toys:


and one about designing toys:

We think the parents enjoyed watching them and we enjoyed making them!

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